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Brett Kelly

Business Owner, Author, Professional Speaker

Inspirational and insightful, Brett has presented to over 200 audiences ranging from the National Press Club in Canberra, to youth, business, community, sales and corporate groups. Brett's ability to captivate such a wide range of audiences and take a boring topic, make it interesting, relevant and practical makes him an excellent keynote speaker.

Aged 22, unemployed, with no money, journalistic experience, connections or publisher he picked himself up, interviewed 34 leading Australian achievers including - Bob Hawke, Malcolm Turnbull, Poppy King, Gerry Harvey, Kathryn Greiner, Ray Martin, Imelda Roche, Jeff Kennett, Pat O'Shane and Peter Brock – raised the funds, gathered the expertise to self-publish 'Collective Wisdom' in 1999 and made it a national bestseller! Seven years later Brett published his second well-received book 'Universal Wisdom'.

Not satisfied to sit back and relax, Brett went back to his area of expertise, accounting, and started his own firm Kelly+Partners (www.kellypartners.com.au), which in six years grew to become Australia's 38th largest accounting firm.

He published in 2012 his fourth book ‘Business Owners’ Wisdom’ featuring interviews with prominent business owners including; Lorna Jane Clarkson, Tom Waterhouse, Matt Moran, Imelda Roche and many more.

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